Classical ballet is characterised by a standard vocabulary of steps, poses, and graceful movements including pointed feet, rising, jumping, stretching and spinning. It is strengthening, disciplined and stylised. The class starts with exercises at the barre followed by work in the centre of the floor.

Ballet classes range from absolute beginner to intermediate. This class is for Adults aged 16 and over.

Levels: Ballet BasicsAn introductory class for ballet.  No previous experience necessary.  In a friendly, relaxed and well-structured atmosphere learn the foundations of classical ballet including the positions, alignment, lines and co-ordination required for basic ballet.  The class starts with exercises at the barre followed by work in the centre of the floor. Ballet is perfect for improving core strength, posture, grace and muscle tone! This class is for adults aged 16 and over., Ballet BeginnerThis class is aimed at participants with a good knowledge of basic ballet technique and for those wishing to progress from Ballet Basics Level.  Learn more advanced turning and jump combinations and begin to learn how to link steps together from the barre to the centre., Elementary / IntermediateThis class is for participants with a strong knowledge of ballet technique or those ready to advance from Beginner/Elementary level. Be challenged by longer and more complicated sequences at the barre and centre and gain confidence performing the more complex adage, pirouettes and jump combinations set for this level., IntermediateA challenging and more advanced class for those really confident in their understanding of ballet technique and principles. Develop your ballet vocabulary, musicality and artistry. This class is suitable for students who have studied full-time ballet, students who have completed RAD Adv or similar syllabus, ballet teachers, and professional and ex-professional dancers. The intermediate ballet class has live piano accompaniment.Introduction to Ballet Techniques CourseThis four week introductory ballet course will give you a basic but fundamental understanding of classical ballet technique.  Ballet teacher, Cathie Goss has developed this course especially for Sydney Dance Company. No experience required.



Ballet shoes (eg canvas ballet flats) which can be purchased at our kiosk and retailers such as Bloch, Energetiks or Capezio or cotton socks for beginners.

Non-restrictive and similar to something you would wear to the gym e.g. tights with over-skirt or shorts, lycra leggings, leotard & tights, sports top, singlet or t-shirt. It is better to wear something figure hugging for ballet. Track pants/long shorts & singlet or t-shirt for men.

Sydney Dance Company Shop
The Sydney Dance Company online shop sells a range of dance wear featuring our logo including singlets, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. Or you can visit our Pop-Up-Shop open every Saturday at the Studios from 9.30am-2pm. Browse online here

What is Sydney Dance Company’s Open Program?
Sydney Dance Company offers dance and fitness classes which are open to the public for ages 16 and over.  The classes are for all levels, from absolute beginners to professionals. Classes are offered seven days a week in the morning, evening and on weekends.

Where are the Sydney Dance Company Studios located?
Sydney Dance Company studios are located on Pier 4/5, 15 Hickson Road, Dawes Point, NSW 2000, Australia.

We are located in a historic Wharf building and entry to our studios is via Sydney Dance Lounge on the ground floor. We are a 15 minute walk from Circular Quay Train Station.

The closest bus route is 433, which stops at George Street near Lower Fort Street, Dawes Point.

There is metered street parking on Hickson Road or an all-day parking station Interpark, Towns Place.

Click here to plan your trip to Sydney Dance Company.

Is there a membership fee?
No, there is no membership fee like a gym. All classes can be taken on a walk-in basis anytime. There is no need to make a booking or sign up in advance.

What is a Swipe Card?
When you purchase your first Ticket Pack, we issue you with a Sydney Dance Company swipe card.  Swipe cards have our Sydney Dance Company logo on one side and a barcode on the other side. The barcode is unique to each student and identifies you in our system. When you come to take a class, with one swipe we can bring up your account details or sign you into class if you have classes in your account.

Can I purchase classes online?
Yes!  Tickets can be purchased in our online store.  Our receptionist will look up your details and set you up with a swipe card when you come in for your first class (Cards cannot be posted out).  If this is your first class and you don’t yet have a login, the system will prompt you to create one.

You can pre-pay for a casual ticket or a 3, 5 or 10 Pack at a discounted rate.

Please note that there are no refunds, exchanges or extension of expiry date.  All classes are non-transferrable and may not be used by another client.

How do I purchase class tickets in-person at the Sydney Dance Company Studios?
Our reception desk is located at the end of the Café, before you start walking down the corridor to our studios.  Please arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to the start time of class in order to make a purchase at the desk. You can pay by Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex).  We do not accept personal cheques.

Please note that there are no refunds, exchanges or extension of expiry date.  All classes are non-transferrable and may not be used by another client. Tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

If I buy a Ticket Pack, can I share the tickets with my partner or friend?
No.  Ticket Packs can only be used by one person.  They are non-transferable and you cannot share them with another person.

Do you have terms or start dates?
Classes are held on a casual drop-in basis and run continuously throughout the year.  We don’t have terms or start dates, so you can join in anytime!  Different routines are taught each week, so that new students are not left behind.

Do I need to make a booking or  reserve a spot in class?
No.  We do not take bookings or reservations for classes.  Our studios are very large and generally, there is always plenty of room.

If I want to attend a class, what time do I arrive at the Sydney Dance Company studios?
Our reception desk is open 30 minutes prior to the start time of each class.  Please make sure you arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start time.

What if I am late for class?
Generally students will not be admitted into class 15 minutes after the class start time. This is to ensure proper warm-up, reduce injuries and class etiquette.

How do I know if a class is right for me?
Each class specifies a level indicating its relative difficulty. If you are concerned about the level, please begin with a lower level class as a warm-up and then try a higher level class the next time, if appropriate.

How long will it take me to progress to a higher level?
This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different.  If you are feeling competent about the level you are currently undertaking and don’t find it challenging enough, then please have a chat with the teacher after class and ask them if you could potentially try a higher level class.

Do you have change rooms and showers?
Sydney Dance Company has male and female change rooms, hot showers and toilets.  The facilities are located at the end of the corridor on the opposite side of the studios.  We do not have Lockers.

What do I do with my belongings during class time?
Please take your sports bag or hand bag into the dance studio with you and place it against the side wall in the studio.

How old do I have to be to take class?
You must be 16 years or older to take any open program class at Sydney Dance Company.  Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule.

What is the average age of students in the class?
The majority of students in class are aged in their 20s and 30s, however all ages attend from 16 to 60!

Do you have classes for the elderly?
We offer a Seniors Class for ages 55+ on Thursdays at 12.30pm.  This class is $10 and teaches Jazz and Tap.  However, there are other classes offered by Sydney Dance Company that are also suitable for mature age students.  Please call our office on 02 9258 4818 for a recommendation.

Do you have Performances or Concerts?
No.  The Open Program classes do not offer performance opportunities.

For all other questions, please call 02 9258 4818.